Steak (Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1 Recipe)


1 ribeye steak, about 14 ounces, fresh/thawed
Steak seasoning of choice


  1. Put the steak into the Crisper Pan.
  2. Cover all sides of the steak with seasoning.
  3. Put the Crisper Pan with the legs extended into the Breville Combi Wave.
  4. Press the Food Menu button, then turn the dial to Meat.
  5. Press the Start Button/Dial, to confirm the selection.
  6. Turn the dial to the nearest weight for the steak.
  7. Press the Start Button/Dial. This will begin the cook.
  8. Flip the steak half way into the cooking time.
  9. After the cooking time completes, check the meat temperature.
  10. To finish the cook, press the Grill button on the inside of the door. The default of 10 minutes will likely result in a Medium Well steak. You can adjust the time to your preference.
  11. Enjoy!

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