Grilled Chicken Breast (NuWave Brio 14Q Air Fryer Oven Recipe)


4 chicken breast halves (8-10 ounces each)
extra virgin olive oil
freshly cracked black pepper
hickory smoked sea salt
poultry seasoning of choice


  1. Cover the chicken breast in oil.
  2. Cover the chicken breast in seasonings.
  3. Place 2 mesh racks in the NuWave Brio 14Q. One in the lowest rack holder guide and the other on the rack holder guide above that.
  4. Set the NuWave Brio 14Q to 370° F., 30 minutes cooking time.
  5. Press and hold the Probe button for 2 seconds, and set the probe temperature to 170° F.
  6. Press the Preheat button.
  7. Press the Start/Pause button to begin the preheat.
  8. After preheating is finished. Put 2 chicken breast on each mesh rack.
  9. Close the door on the NuWave Brio 14Q and the cook will start automatically.
  10. After 15 minutes, swap the racks.
  11. Allow the cook to complete. It may take more than 30 minutes, but the cook will continue until the set meat temperature is reached.
  12. Enjoy!

Note: The total cooking time may take about 35 minutes.

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