Whole Chicken (NuWave Primo Grill Oven Recipe)


Up to 2 Whole Fresh Chickens, about 6 pounds each.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Applewood Smoked Sea Salt
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper


  1. Cover the chicken(s) with oil.
  2. Then cover the chicken(s) with spices to taste.
  3. If cooking 2 chickens, place the extender ring into the NuWave Primo Grill Oven.
    (The extender ring is an added accessory in the NuWave Primo Roasting and Air Frying Kit.)
  4. Arrange the chicken(s) on the Grill Plate.
    1. If cooking 2 chickens, you will have to position them to fit. Make sure they are not on top of each other.
  5. Place the NuWave Primo Probe into the probe jack, and then place the meat probe straight down into a deep portion of breast meat.
  6. Cover with the NuWave Primo Power Dome and Power Head.
  7. Set the Cook to 360° F., 50% Top/50% Bottom.
  8. Press the Probe button.
  9. Set the meat temperature to 185° F. (This will ensure the chicken is fully cooked.)
  10. Press the Start/Pause button.
  11. Allow the cook to complete, then check the meat temperature. The thigh should be 170° or higher.
    (2 chickens may take about 1 hour 45 minutes.)
  12. Set the chickens at room temperature for about 15-20 minutes, for juices to reabsorb.
  13. Enjoy!

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