Whole Chicken from Frozen (NuWave Oven Recipe)


1 whole chicken, about 5 pounds
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mrs. Dash Chicken Grilling Blend



  1. Place the fully frozen chicken breast side down (legs down) on the 1″ Rack in the NuWave Oven.  And cook for 30 minutes at High Power/350° F.
  2. Turn the chicken over to breast side up (legs up), and cook for another 30 minutes at High Power/350° F.
  3. The chicken may now be thawed enough, to remove any innards from the inner breast area of the chicken.  So dispose of anything inside the chicken now.  (Or save them elsewhere if using for a separate dish.)
    If not yet thawed enough, continue with the next step, then perform the removal mentioned above.
  4. Coat the breast up side of the chicken with oil and cover with spices.
    (Remove innards now, if not done earlier.)
  5. Flip the chicken breast side down and coat the back with oil and spices.
  6. Cook breast side down for 40 minutes at High Power/350° F.
  7. Turn the chicken breast side up and cook for another 30 minutes at High Power/350° F.
  8. Check the meat temperature in the thigh is at least 180° F., to ensure doneness from frozen.
  9. Enjoy!



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