Super Chicken Wings (Super Wave Oven Recipe)

Once you cook chicken wings like this, you may never use another method again.

9 or 10 thawed chicken wings
2 Tbs. Mrs. Dash Chicken Grilling Blend
1 Tbs. Old Bay Seasoning
Pam spray

1) Spray the low rack with Pam spray.
2) Place all wings in a plastic bag. A zipper type bag is best.
3) Shake the Mrs. Dash and Old Bay seasonings all over the wings in the bag.
4) Seal the bag shut and shake the bag, to ensure Mrs. Dash spreads all over the wings.
5) Take the wings from the bag and place them evenly on the low rack. Discard the bag.
6) Cook for 40 – 55 minutes at 400 degrees F.  (Time may vary based on desired crispness and size of wings.) Turn the wings every 15 minutes.