Stir Fry Chicken with Vegetables from Frozen (NuWave Oven Recipe)

1 pound of bonless skinless chicken tenders, thawed
1 pound of stir fry vegetables, frozen
Pam cooking spray

Sauce ingredients: (Or use your favorite stir fry sauce instead.)
1/2 cup ketsup
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 Tbs. Red Wine vinegar
2 Tbs. Brown Sugar
1 Tbs. Mrs. Dash Original Blend

1) Spray 10 inch cake pan with Pam spray.
2) Place the vegetables across the bottom of the pan.
3) Place the chicken evenly spread over top of the vegetables.
4) Stir the sauce ingredients in a bowl, to make the sauce. Stir till all ingredients are mixed.
5) Pour the sauce over the chicken and vegetables.
6) Place on the 4 inch rack.
7) Cook at high power for 10 minutes.
8) Stir and flip the chicken over.
9) Cook at high power for another 10 minutes.
10) Stir
11) Enjoy!

Note: This may be served over rice.  Or without for lower carbs.