Pulled Pork Shoulder Boston Butt (Instant Pot and NuWave Medley XL Skillet Recipe)


1 Pork Shoulder Butt, 6 – 8 Pounds
1/2 Cup Coca-Cola
1/2 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Cup Apple Juice
1 Tbs. Applewood or Hickory Smoked Sea Salt
3 Tbs. Pork Rub
Cooking Spray


  1. Cut the Pork Shoulder Butt into 6 pieces.
  2. Sear the meat in your NuWave Medley XL Digital Skillet or other type of skillet.  You can also sear the meat in your Instant Pot if you choose, but you’ll have to swap pieces. 
  3. To sear and brown the meat in the NuWave Medley XL Digital Skillet, use these instructions:
    1. Tap the button on the NuWave Medley XL Skillet, to turn it on.
    2. Turn the dial to 325° F.
    3. Once the preheat is complete, spray some cooking spray in the skillet.
    4. Add the meat, brown all sides and sear to your preference.
  4. Add fluids into the Instant Pot inner/cooking pot.
  5. Add the meat to the pot
  6. Add all spices sprinkled over the top of the meat.
  7. Move the meat around some, to distribute the spices.
  8. Put on the Instant Pot lid and close the seal.
  9. Pressure Cook at High Pressure for 70-90 minutes.
    1. Cook time should be the weight of the meat times 10, then add 10.
    2. So a 7 pound Pork Should Butt should be cooked for 80 minutes.
  10. Allow Natural Release.  Or wait 30 minutes before trying a quick release.
  11. After releasing pressure on the Instant Pot.  Use rubber tongs to remove the meat to a large cutting board.
  12. Use Meat Shredding Claws to shred the meat.
  13. Enjoy!

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