Orange Danishes/Cinnamon Rolls (NuWave Bravo XL Smart Oven Air Fryer Heating Instructions)


1 Package of 8 Orange Danishes, Cinnamon Rolls or similar
Cooking Spray


  1. Place a rack on the 2nd from the bottom rack holder.
  2. Press the MENU button until you reach the Bake Pre-Programmed setting.
  3. The cooking temperature should have defaulted to 400° F.  If it did not, adjust the Cook Temperature to 400° F. by turning the dial to 400.
  4. Press the TEMP/TIME button
  5. Turn the dial to adjust the cooking time to a time between 10 – 14 minutes.
  6. Press the Start button/dial.
  7. The Smart Oven will start a Pre-heat.
  8. While the NuWave Bravo XL Smart Oven is pre-heating, spray a 9-inch cake pan with cooking spray.
  9. Place the Orange Danishes (or Cinnamon Rolls or similar) in the cake pan touching.
  10. Once the Smart Oven is finished pre-heating and is in its 5 minute countdown, place the cake pan on the rack.
  11. Press the Start button/dial.
  12. Allow to cook for the set time.
  13. Remove and cover with icing.
  14. Enjoy!

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