NuWave Jubilee Double Grill Review and Sandwich Cook. Smokeless Grill!

Grilled Sandwich Recipe


Sliced turkey breast
Sliced ham
Cheese slices
Buttery spread


  1. Spread the buttery spread on the outsides of the bread.
  2. Build the sandwich with the ingredients of your preference or those recommended above.
  3. Turn the NuWave Jubilee Double Grill on.
  4. Set the cook to 400° F., 2 minutes cooking time.
  5. Press the Preheat button and then press the Start button to begin preheating.
  6. After the preheat is complete, put the sandwich on the grill.
  7. Close the NuWave Jubilee, and while closing set the top plate to be able to move up based on the size of the food. Do not lock the top plate into any position, it needs to be able to move freely.
  8. Press the Start button to begin the cook.
  9. Allow the cook time to complete.
  10. Enjoy!

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