Grilled Salmon, Super Wave Style (Super Wave Oven Recipe)

A great grilled salmon recipe.


1 4oz Salmon filet. (frozen or thawed)

2 tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tbs Mrs. Dash Original seasoning


  1. Coat the exterior of the salmon with the oil.  Just pore some on top and rub it all over.  A light coat is sufficient.  Use extra if needed.
  2. Shake Mrs. Dash seasoning over both sides of the salmon.
  3. Place salmon on the top rack and cook at 400 degrees F.  24 minutes if thawed, turn once.  30 minutes if frozen, turn once.

This recipe is a healthy way to enjoy a very healthy cut of fish.  This recipe is salt free, but you may use other seasonings if you desire.  Although the Super Wave Oven is not a grill in the traditional sense of a grill.  The Super Wave Oven is able to cook food on the top rack just as if it came from a grill.  So the result is grilled salmon that did not actually come from a grill.  And making grilled salmon on a Super Wave Oven results in salmon that is very moist inside.  Not dry like might come from a traditional grill.  Grilled salmon is very good for you.  Because salmon has a high amount of several nutrients.  You can read more about the health benefits of salmon here.  It would be hard to find a fish that is more healthful than salmon.  And a recipe that does not add any unhealthy ingredients, can help ensure you get all the benefits of salmon, without any negative additions.  Grilled salmon can be a part of any diet.  Especially if you prefer a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet.

Why can the salmon be frozen or thawed?

The Super Wave Oven is able to defrost and cook at the same time.  So it can make grilled salmon from a fully frozen cut of salmon, just as it can do with a thawed cut of salmon.  The only difference is cooking from frozen takes a little longer.  But with the Super Wave Oven, you don’t need to worry that all your food is frozen.  The Super Wave Oven can cook it to perfection without any preliminary thawing.