Fried Chicken Strips (Breville Combi Wave 3 in 1 Recipe)


2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Halves
2 Large Eggs
2 Tbs. Water
1 Cup All Purpose Flour
1 Cup Yellow Corn Meal
1 Ounce Old Bay seasoning
1 Tbs. Freshly Cracked Black Pepper
Cooking spray


  1. Cut the chicken breast lengthwise, to make a total of about 8-10 strips.
  2. Mix the water and egg for an egg wash.
  3. Mix the dry ingredients for breading.
  4. Dip each piece of chicken in the egg wash and then cover each in the breading.
  5. Spray some cooking spray all over the breaded chicken strips.
  6. Put the Crisper Pan with the legs extended into the Breville Combi Wave. (Don’t add the chicken yet.)
  7. Press the Air Fry button, then turn the top dial to 450° F.
  8. Turn the bottom dial to 30 minutes cooking time.
  9. Press the Start Button/Dial. This will begin the preheat process.
  10. After the preheat, place the breaded chicken strips into the Crisper Pan.
  11. Close the door and press the Start button to begin the cook.
  12. Flip the chicken half way into the cooking time. (Remember to press the Start button again after closing the door.)
  13. After the cooking time completes, check the meat temperature is at least 165° F.
  14. Enjoy!

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