Dehydrated Fruit, Apple Chips (NuWave Oven Dehydration Instructions)

Full details for how to dehydrate fruit in the NuWave Oven.

Details for apples in text.  See the link below for dehydration tips for all foods. (Fruits, Vegetables, meats and herbs.)


1 Apple, sliced thin
Lemon juice


  1. Place parchment paper on the 1″ rack.
  2. Brush lemon juice on both sides of the apple slices, to prevent browning.
  3. Place the apple slices onto the parchment paper, with none touching.
  4. Use the NuWave Oven Dome Holder, to prop the dome in a vented position over the apple slices.
  5. Set to 4 hours at Power Level 3/150° F/P30.
  6. Enjoy!

From NuWave Oven Cooking Club Tips for Dehydrating.


If you ever wanted to freeze dry fruit, consider dehydration with the NuWave Oven as an alternative option for your food drying needs. While freeze drying gets the most moisture out, dehydrating is a very effective alternative.


NuWave Oven Power Level – Temperature Conversion Chart

Power Level Oven Temperature Press Button Panel Display
10 (High Power) 342°F (172°C) aka 350°F 0 (High) PHI
9 325°F (163°C) 9 P90
8 300°F (149°C) 8 P80
7 275°F (135°C) 7 P70
6 250°F (121°C) 6 P60
5 225°F (107°C) 5 P50
4 175°F (79°C) 4 P40
3 150°F (66°C) 3 P30
2 116°F (47°C) 2 P20
1 (Low Power) 106°F (41°C)  1 (Low) P10