Chicken Burgers (Ninja Foodi Dual Heat Air Fry Oven Recipe)


1 pound ground chicken
Freshly cracked black pepper to taste
Sea salt to taste
Bread of choice
Extra light olive


  1. Season the meat.
  2. Hand mix the ground meat into the seasonings.
  3. Form 4 patties and add a dent in the middle of each. This will help prevent them swelling during the cook.
  4. Add the sear plate to the cooker, on the lowest rack level.
  5. Set the cooker to Sear Crisp, 400° F., 14 minutes cooking time.
  6. Press start to begin preheating.
  7. When preheat is finished, spray the sear plate with oil.
  8. Put the patties on the sear plate, close and hit Start.
  9. Flip the patties after 7 minutes.
  10. When there are just 4 minutes left in the cook, add the bread. Depending on your type of bread, you may want to wait till just 3 or 2 minutes are left.
  11. Allow the cooking time to complete
  12. Enjoy!

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