Bacon Covered Chicken with Potatoes (Chefman Air Touch Air Fryer Oven Recipe)


4.5 pound whole chicken, fresh/thawed
About 6 strips of thick sliced bacon
About 2-3 medium sized potatoes, sliced
Old Bay seasoning


  1. Season the chicken.
  2. Place the chicken on the bake pan lined with a non-stick bake mat.
  3. Place meat probes into the breast and thigh.
  4. Place the pan on the lower rack level.
  5. Set the cooker to Convection Bake 375°, 1 hour.
  6. Press the Start button to begin cooking.
  7. When the breast meat temperature reaches 145° F., cover it with bacon and place sliced potatoes in the pan.
  8. Allow the cook time to complete.
  9. Ensure the breast and thigh are at least 165° F.
  10. Enjoy!

You may also see the video on Rumble.

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