Air Fried Whiting Fish Filets aka Lake Trout (NuWave Oven Recipe)


6 3oz Whiting Filets
Olive Oil
House Autry Fish Fry or Zataran’s Breaded Fish Seasoning
Pam cooking spray


1) Spray fish fillets with Olive Oil, or rub it over them. Cover completely.
2) Place some breading in a plastic bag, put fish filets in one at a time and shake, to cover completely.
3) Spray Pam spray on the 4″ rack.
4) As you place fish fillets on the rack, spray each fish fillet lightly with Pam cooking spray.
5) Place the filets on the 4″ rack, skin side down.
6) Cook on high power 15 minutes.

Note: This article helps explain why some regions call Whiting “Lake Trout”. The fish is neither from a lake or a trout.